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Four charged with extorting Playa del Carmen business

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Three woman and one man have been charged with extortion against a Playa del Carmen business owner. The four had their day in court where the charges were officially brought against them.

The Attorney General of Quintana Roo reported the arrest and formal charges against Grecia “G” Abraham “G” Esperanza “M” and Mireya “H” “for their probable participation in the crime of extortion to the detriment of a victim with a confidential identity.”

According to their investigation, “on December 20, the the defendants allegedly arrived at a commercial establishment to demand from the victim a sum of cash for floor rights.”

Authorities were notified shortly after the event took place, with police successfully locating all four. Upon a search, the cash paid by the victim was located on their persons.

“Police detained the probable participants, who were found to have the money that was given to them,” the FGE reported adding that during their court appearance, the judge ordered all four to remain in preventative detention for the duration of their trial.