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Four bodies along municipal of Tulum highway discovered in same day

Tulum, Q.R. — The bodies of four people were discovered along two separate sections of highway in the municipality of Tulum. On Tuesday, police were first called to Kilometer 14 of the Tulum-Cobá highway.

Once there, they were able to confirm the dead bodies of two adult males on a private property just off a dirt road. The bodies were found by the property owner. Municipal agents confirmed that both men had been shot to death. At least one 45-caliber shell casing was found nearby.

Hours later, Municipal agents were sent to Kilometer 225 of the federal 307 highway between Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto after the report of one dead body. While investigating the scene, officers located two bodies.

Aside from finding the body that was reported by a citizen, they also stumbled upon the skeletal remains of a second body approximately 50 meters from the first one. Forensic medical personnel attended to both scenes.