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Four arrested in Playa del Carmen robbery

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A youth who fired at state police from his motorcycle has been arrested in Playa del Carmen along with his three accomplices.

The youth, who allegedly participated in a convenience store robbery, began shooting at a state policeman, aiming for his head. The state policeman was hit, but saved by his helmet.

The incident arose after a group of people robbed an Extra convenience store of beer and cash in the residential area of Villas del Sol. Three of them boarded a car and fled, but were chased and eventually taken into custody between Villas del Sol and Misión de las Flores.

The fourth man, who fled on a motorcycle, was spotted behind a supermarket. Upon seeing the policeman approaching, took aim and fired. The bullet bounced off the policeman’s helmet.

The youth was eventually taken into custody as were the two men and one woman inside the car. The police unit was damaged in the chase.