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Four arrested in Playa del Carmen after C5 centre in Cancun watches drug deal

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Agents of the Playa del Carmen police department located and arrested four individuals on drug charges. The four were located early Friday morning after police received a report of drug sales being watched from the C5 command centre in Cancun.

When authorities arrived at Retorno Caraos in the Villas del Sol subdivision, they found all four males. The four attempted to run when noticing police, however, the police truck was used to block the mouth of the retorno, preventing them from fleeing.

On their persons, authorities counted 117 bags of various narcotics including ecstasy, marijuana and cocaine in various forms. Transferred to Playa del Carmen jail were 18-year-old José N, 22-year-old Osvaldo N, 20-year-old Carlos N and Miguel N, 18.