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Four armed men jailed after being tracked on Cancun’s C5 city camera system

Cancun, Q.R. — Four armed men have been jailed in Cancun after being stopped in their vehicle along the federal highway. On Thursday, the four were handcuffed and escorted to a Cancun cell after police found them in possession of two loaded handguns and three license plates from three different states.

Quintana Roo Police arrested Bernardo “N”, Julio César “N”, Isac “N” and Ángel “N”, for carrying a prohibited weapon and crimes against traffic safety. The car was intentionally picked out of highway traffic and stopped after a 911 call regarding a robbery.

The caller who made the report detailed the getaway vehicle, which matched the description of the gray car the four armed men were found driving. Police were able to locate the car using city C5 surveillance cameras.

The car was picked up cruising the Cancun – Playa del Carmen federal 307 when it was pulled over. When searched, police also found three gold necklaces and a gold watch along with cell phones.