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Former Monterrey chiropractor extradited to Mexico to face patient rape charges

Monterrey, Nuevo León —  A Peru man wanted by Mexican authorities for the rape of a Mexican woman has been extradited. On Monday, Abel “L” was returned to Mexico where he will face charges in a Monterrey court room.

In a statement, the State Attorney of the Republic (FGR) said they received in extradition from the Government of Peru, a person of Peruvian nationality required by a  Monterrey court for the rape of a patient.

“Abel “L”, worked as a chiropractic doctor in Monterrey, Nuevo León, when a woman, who attended therapy with him and without her consent, was sexually assaulted by him,” they reported.

After being arrested in August 2022, based on the Red Note issued against him at the request of INTERPOL-Mexico, the Government of the Republic of Peru granted the extradition of the defendant to the Government of Mexico.

Subsequently, the fugitive was handed over at the International Airport of Lima, Peru, and transferred on a commercial flight to Mexico City.