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Former Argentinian spy arrested in Cancun on prostitution charges

Cancun, Q.R. — Former Argentine intelligence agent Raúl Martins has been arrested in Cancun where he could be deported back to his native Argentina on prostitution charges.

According to Argentina media La Naction, the arrest of the 70-year-old former la Secretaría de Inteligencia (SIDE) came after he was accused of being the leader of a human trafficking organization.

Judicial sources in Argentina say that “yesterday at 3 [Argentine time], Migraciones de México intercepted him for an expulsion order. When he was held, Martins said he had Mexican nationality.

“Then it was not possible to proceed with the administrative expulsion. The request for extradition is in the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), but he has not yet been prosecuted before a judge,” they added.

The arrest of Martins was made at the request of the Argentine government who says he is linked to a network of human trafficking in that country as well as in Mexico. According to information, over the past two decades, Martins has owned several nightclubs in the Cancun Hotel Zone that have been accused of being related to prostitution.

The case generated scandal in Argentina after his daughter, Lorena Martins, reported him for running a network of brothels in Cancun and in Buenos Aires.

On September 3, federal judge María Servini asked Interpol for the international capture of Martins for the crimes of illicit association and economic exploitation of the prostitution of others.

Thus, Servini issued the order of the First Chamber of the Federal Chamber and locked a $10 million embargo against the ex-spy, accused by his daughter of running a network of brothels in Argentina and Mexico.