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Fonatur reports more than five kilometers of laid Maya Train track

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) provided a progress report on the first five Maya Train sections. In their press release, the federal agency reported more than five completed kilometers of rail as well as advancements in additional track and the erection of a bridge.

With more than five kilometers already with rail in section 4, incorporation of a new German locomotive in section 2, laying of track in section 1, erection of a bridge in section 3 and advances in works on section 5 South, the Maya Train advances to integrate the southeast and improve the living and working conditions of its people.

This purpose promotes in Balancán, Tabasco, of section 1 that goes from Palenque to Escárcega, the advancement of the laying of the new track for the Maya Train with specialized machinery and personnel, while in Tenosique, also in Tabasco, the construction of cross drainage work continues to prevent flooding on the road.

In section 2, Escárcega-Calkiní, the compaction and stabilization work of the land continue at the junction of Hool, Edzná and Tixmucuy in Campeche, where the Edzná Station and the rail assembly base will be built.

A locomotive of German origin arrived in Edzná to facilitate the transfer of ballast, rails and sleepers to be installed in the area, while in Hecelchakán, near Pomuch, the construction of steps continues, which are complementary works for the connectivity of the population.

At the same time, in section 3 from Calkiní to Izamal, near Poxilá, in Umán, Yucatán, the railway pipeline continues to provide electricity and internet to the train, and in the vicinity of Tecoh, the steel installation and reinforcement of the stirrup is progressing to build a bridge where the Maya Train will cross.

In section 4, Izamal-Cancún, the train track is formed next to the Mérida-Cancún highway for which, in Chemax, Yucatán, the placement of sleepers and rail on the first layer of ballast is progressing.

At this point, nearly 20 kilometers of sleepers have been installed of which more than five kilometers already have rail while on section 5 South, from Playa de Carmen to Tulum, work continues on the route of the train to the beginning of terraces