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Five suspects detained in double murder after bodies found in Cancun cenote

Cancun, Q.R. — Five people have been arrested as suspects in the deaths of two Cancun men. The bodies of the men were found Thursday on a property of the Santa Cecilia area of Cancun.

According to the FGE, two dead bodies and bone remains, possibly from three others, were located inside a cenote on the Santa Cecilia property. A search operation for the two men, who were reported missing earlier this week, resulted in the finding. Their bodies were located in the same area from which they were reported missing.

The State Attorney General’s Office reported the “arrests of five people, three of them adolescents, for their probable participation in this event.”

On Wednesday night, the bodies of 19-year-old Pablo “C” and 31-year-old Alexis “Q” were found inside a cenote. Their families reported them missing November 8. Pablo “C” has been reported by local media as being the son of an active municipal police officer, information that has not been confirmed by authorities.

Both Pablo “C” and Alexis “Q” were friends and were reported missing at the same time by their respective families. The FGE has not provided any information regarding motive into their deaths.