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Five jailed in Playa del Carmen on charges of illegal firearm, drugs, kidnapping

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Five people were taken to Playa del Carmen jail on charges of illegal possession of firearms, drugs and kidnapping. The arrests took place on Tuesday afternoon when police located the home from where a kidnapped victim managed to flee earlier that same day.

After the victim made contact with police, authorities moved in on the home located on Espátulas Street of the Villas del Sol subdivision where they found three men and two women. The street was blocked to prevent their escape. A search of each person revealed a variety of drugs and one firearm. The home was believed used as a criminal safe house.

Arrested were 27-year-old Mateo “N”, 34-year-old Marco “N”, 19-year-old Pablo “N”, 24-year-old Paulina “N” and 41-year-old Yesi “N”. All five detained were identified as the people who kidnapped and allegedly beat him.