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Five arrested in detention of 27 Cancun call center workers

Cancún, Q.R. — A total of 27 people who were removed from their workplace against their will in Cancun, have been safely found and reunited with their families.

The incident occurred during the nighttime hours of Tuesday at a makeshift call center office in SM 524 used to sell vacation packages. Police say that a group of armed men stormed the office and forcefully removed those inside. They were moved outside the building into two waiting vans.

Reports to police by neighbors in SM 325 alerted authorities to the presence of the group. According to the Attorney General’s Office, police acted on the tip and located a home where inside, they found the 27 call center workers and five heavily armed men.

The 27 call center workers were rescued unharmed and reunited with their families. Prosecutor Óscar Montes de Oca Rosales explained that police arrested the five men and seized the two vehicles used to transport the victims to the area of Santa Fe in Cancun.

Of those arrested, four are of Mexican nationality and one, a non-Mexican. It is believed a business dispute between patners of the call center resulted in the failed kidnapping of the 27 call center workers.

Arrested are Víctor “N”, Álvaro “N”, Gustavo “N”, Jan “N” and Jorge “N”. They are believed to be the five responsible for the Tuesday night kidnapping in Region 524 in Cancun. Police say their investigation continues.