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FGE reports the arrest of 3 for murder of Cancun man

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun police have acted on an arrest warrant for three men wanted in connection with a murder in a home in SM 105 of the city. In a statement, the Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo says police have arrested Edison M, Ezequiel C and Erick A for homicide of a victim of reserved identity.

The FGE (Fiscalía General del Estado) reports that the judicial investigation was requested by specialized prosecutors once evidence was obtained that, according to first investigations, establish that the three subjects killed a man in a private home of SM 105 of Cancun. On August 11, the remains of the man were found in two separate locations, one being SM 70 and the other, in SM 104.

After an investigation by the Fiscalía Especializada in Investigación de Homicidios, an arrest warrant for the trio was requested and granted by a Cancun judge. Police proceeded to take the three into custody. A search warrant also lead to the seizure of the home. The three men are to remain in preventative detention during their legal process.