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FGE Quintana Roo requests 2 billion pesos for 2024 more than double the current budget

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — More than 2 billion pesos is required by the FGE to improve administration and increase police officer counts in the state of Quintana Roo. State Attorney General Raciel López Salazar made the request Wednesday for a 2024 budget of more than 2 billion pesos.

The 2024 budget request is a 112 percent increase over the 963 million peso budget he worked with during the latter part of 2023 after taking over the position. However, the state government is proposing a 1.4 billion peso budget for next year.

Salazar presented his budget request to the XVII Legislature of Quintana Roo detailing where the money would go. The budget, which was prepared by Rubén Avalos Garnica, the FGE Director of Administration, would first include the hiring of 150 officers.

Salazar said the money is also needed to cover the requirements derived from the reform of the Organic Law that involved the creation of new administrative bodies and improving the infrastructure in the northern part of the state.

He argued that the extra resources will allow them to strengthen the justice administration by hiring more elements, including experts, investigative police and public ministries. Money would also be spent on salary increases of around 20 percent.

The expenditures also included the construction of a new building in Cancun to meet the service capacity of the northern region. The proposed budget also includes salaries, public projects and general purposes as well as program and training courses.

Last year, State Congress approved reforms to the Organic Law of the FGE, which make its senior command structure larger by creating three district prosecutors’ offices, 18 specialized prosecutors’ offices, 14 general directorates and a technical secretary, for whose implementation an additional 333 million pesos was required.

Money was also required to deal with the more than 200,000 backlogged case files Salazar found when he took over the position in mid-2023.