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Feasibility meeting next week for possible construction of sargassum vessel dock for Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The possibility of a sargassum boat dock is being considered for the municipality of Playa del Carmen. Both government and private companies are meeting to analyze the feasibility of having a dock for the special seaweed collecting vessels.

The idea is being considered now since the next sargassum season is just around the corner. In March, seaweed is expected to begin arriving along Quintana Roo shores, which means within the next month or so, the sargassum vessels are likely to be needed.

Lenin Amaro Betancourt, president of the Business Coordinating Council of Riviera Maya says that next week, they will hold a meeting with municipal, state and federal government representatives to discuss the sargassum issue and idea of a permanent dock.

He said this year, with a large-scale prediction of arriving seaweed, they intend to be proactive rather than reactive, noting that since the problem began in 2015, good results have not been had due to the absence of preventative measures.

He says the dock could be constructed in the beach area of 16th Street. They are also tossing around the idea of purchasing a sargassum vessel for permanent use around the municipality.