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Failing to give right-of-way lands truck on its roof

Cancun, Q.R. — A rollover Tuesday afternoon in Cancun left two injured after a truck failed to give way to another vehicle. The 6:15 p.m. accident, which happened along Chac Mool Avenue in SM 222, occurred when one vehicle failed to give right-of-way to the other.

This resulted in a crash that left one of the vehicles on its roof. Two people were attended to by paramedics before being transferred to a Cancun hospital.

Agents of Municipal Traffic determined that the driver of the truck, 52-year-old Eduardo P.M., caused the accident when he not give right-of-way way to other vehicles traveling on the road. Due to this, 43-year-old Fabián L.R. collided his car with the back of the truck, which lost stability and ended up overturned on its roof.