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Extensive damage after driver blows intersection stop sign in José María Morelos

José María Morelos, Q.R. — The driver of a private vehicle who failed to stop at a marked intersection crashed into a government truck. The accident happened Saturday afternoon at an intersection in José María Morelos.

According to witnesses, the driver of the Kia SUV did not stop at the intersection stop sign, which caused her to crash into the side of a state government truck. Police were sent to the intersection of Morelos Avenue and Jacinto Canek Street in response to the 4:30 p.m. crash.

The government truck involved belonged to the Integral Port Administration of Quintana Roo (Apiqroo). During the crash, the driver of the Apiqroo truck was forced into a CFE light pole, which caused a power outage as well as additional vehicle damage.

Both vehicles were heavily damaged in the crash, however, neither driver required hospital transfers. CFE personnel were on scene to repair the pole and restore power, which was knocked out due to the accident.