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Evicted squatters block Tulum roadway for hours

Tulum, Quintana Roo — A group of families evicted from private land in Tulum were responsible for a roadway block in Tulum that lasted several hours.

Police were requested to fulfill the eviction notice to the families who had been illegally invading the private land since 2016. In protest to their eviction, more than a dozen took to blocking traffic passage along the Tulum roadway.

The mob of angry squatters were met by dozens of police as they placed tires and debris along the highway at Xel-Ha, creating a blockade that lasted three hours.

Secretary general of the City Council, Enrique Rodríguez Luna said that if necessary, municipal authorities were prepared to apply the law to ensure public order adding that Judge Miguel Ángel Tuyub Martín of Solidaridad requested the support of the General Directorate of Public Safety and Municipal Transit under Daniel Hernández, to assign police to be present during the eviction which occurred Wednesday morning.

Squatters were evicted from property located on Escorpión Sur and Libra Sur streets for the crime of dispossession.

The roadblock was eventually removed to allow traffic passage with no report of injuries.