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Envelope with 10,000 in cash labeled ‘piso’ lands two in Playa del Carmen jail

Playa del Carmen, Q. R. — Two out-of-state men were arrested Monday for allegedly extorting a Playa del Carmen business. Their arrests came after a Fifth Avenue store employee hailed police explaining they had been threatened for extortion payments.

Using the description provided, Tourist Police of Solidaridad quickly located the two men not far from the Fifth Avenue location. Upon inspection, the arresting officers found 52-year-old Abel “N” from Tabasco and 35-year-old José “N” from Hidalgo in possession of narcotics and an envelope with 10,000 in cash labeled “piso” (floor).

According to the store employee, it was not the first time the men had made extortion threats. Both were identified by the employee and taken into police custody.

In a briefing, the Seguridad Pública Solidaridad (SSP) said “the Municipal Police arrested two subjects for the possible crime of extortion. They carried with them a paper envelope with the legend “piso” and inside 10,000 pesos in cash, as well as two wrappers with what appears to be the drug crystal. It was in the Centro neighborhood.”