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Emergency services respond to ‘gas flash’ inside Playa del Carmen mall

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The SSP of Solidaridad has reported three injured after an explosion inside a new Playa del Carmen mall. On Wednesday, police, firemen and Civil Protection personnel were at the newly opened Multiplaza Petempich in the city’s west.

Emergency personnel were at the scene in response to the report of an explosion from inside one of the establishments. A majority of the mall’s stores, some of which include eateries, remain under construction. The main portion of the mall, which is occupied by Walmart, is open.

According to a briefing from the Seguridad Pública Solidaridad, “police from the Ministry of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic and elements from the Ministry of Civil Protection and Firefighters attend to an explosion in a food establishment in Multiplaza Petempich.

“So far three injured people have been reported who were helped by paramedics and transferred for medical evaluation.”

Police evacuated the multiplaza mall while firemen and Civil Protection personnel investigated the explosion. According to an unnamed Civil Protection official, a combination of gases from a kitchen area where workers were working caused “a flash”.

“When the fire department arrived, they did not find an incipient fire as such. In reality, it was only the smell. The agents proceeded to close the gas outlets in the kitchen area and the pertinent attention was given to the injured,” the agency added.

Kira Iris San, the Secretaria General of Solidaridad City Hall, reported that after the incident, the area was cordoned off until the city’s investigation was complete.