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Ebrard stresses Mexico’s main objectives for 2022

Mexico City, Mexico — During the Monday inauguration of the Meeting of Ambassadors and Consuls, Marcelo Ebrard stressed Mexico’s main objectives for the upcoming year.

During the Meeting of Ambassadors and Consuls 2022, the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, stressed that the main objectives of Mexico’s foreign policy will be to focus on the evolution of the pandemic and its variants, promote the World Plan for Fraternity and Welfare, focus on economic recovery, strengthen support for fellow citizens abroad and recover national heritage abroad.

He pointed out that in 2021, the focus of the Foreign Ministry was to obtain vaccines to face the pandemic and recognized the support of China, India, the United States, Korea, the European Union and Argentina, for which Mexico has obtained more than 200 million doses of vaccines.

Regarding security, Ebrard said that “the highest priority for the President of the Republic is to reduce violence and guarantee the safety of people”, which is why Mexico filed a lawsuit against the arming companies in the United States with “the purpose of impacting the production of weapons destined for those who are involved in criminal activities.”

Along the same lines, he highlighted the proposal on small arms presented and approved in the Security Council of the United Nations (UN).

Regarding Mexico’s foreign policy for 2022, he announced that one of the main objectives is to focus on the evolution of the pandemic and its variants, as it is a priority “to avoid having a greater impact on the economy and, above all, on the the lives of our nationals here in Mexico.”

He explained that Mexico will also promote the World Plan for Fraternity and Welfare. “We have more than 100 countries that said ‘We want to be part of this plan!’ Not only the beneficiaries. There are also some who can contribute and it will be one of the great tasks in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

Another objective is to cooperate actively in the economic recovery of Mexico, for which he recalled that the High Level Economic Dialogue (DEAN) is being carried out with North America in addition to the agreement with the European Union.

“We have had talks with many countries in the world, with the United Kingdom, with Korea, with Australia, with India, with the Middle East. We have important invitations this year to increase investments in our country, including the largest sovereign funds in the world.”

The Meeting of Ambassadors and Consuls will continue until January 14.