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Drug bust leads Cancun police to two involved in business robbery ring

Cancun, Q.R. — A man who has been identified as a repeat offender for business robberies around Cancun has arrested with two women. According to police, one of the two women was reportedly in charge of monitoring businesses targeted for the robberies.

The trio were arrested Monday on drug-related charges, however, since their arrests, police have reported their relation to city business burglaries. According to the police report, Janeth Beatriz “N” was in charge of locating the victims in addition to monitoring, before, during and after, the places where the thefts were committed.

Antonio “N”, Casandra “N” and Janeth Beatriz “N” were arrested on Girasoles Street in Supermanzana 249 of Cancun Monday after being found in possession of illegal narcotics.

After their arrests, an investigation revealed that, according to police, “Antonio “N” is related to the robbery of a convenience store three months ago as well as another business in SM 96 of Cancun.

“Likewise, he is accused of stealing cash from a civil association. Approximately one month ago, he allegedly committed the same crime in a pawn shop located on Nichupté Avenue of Cancun.”

In their report, police added that “Janeth Beatriz “N” was in charge of locating the possible victims in addition to monitoring before, during and after, the places where the robberies were committed and the putting up for sale the cellular equipment and other objects that were stolen from the premises they robbed.”