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Dozing driver crashes passenger bus into Playa del Carmen wall

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Sleeping bus passengers from Merida were jolted awake when their bus hit a brick wall. The accident happened around 5:40 a.m. Sunday on the El Tintal highway outside Playa del Carmen.

The bus driver was approaching a municipal of Solidaridad police filter when the driver is alleged to have dozed causing him to swerve. His bus left the highway and drove into roadside vegetation where it hit a brick wall.

Emergency services were sent to the scene where police and firemen helped passengers off the bus. Ambulances also arrived, however, there were no reported hospital transfers.

Some of the bus passengers grabbed their bags and left the scene on their own since, according to reports, after waiting more than an hour, there was no response from the bus company.

Police from the Municipal Transit Department provided support to the bus passengers, arranging for them to be transported for free to the bus terminal.

A large tow truck was called in to remove the heavily damaged bus from the side of the road. The front passenger side of the bus was extensively damaged from the collision.