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DHL announces $300 million Mexico investment

Mexico City, Mexico — Courier company DHL says they have earmarked $300 million USD for Mexico investments, which they say, will include the Santa Lucia airport.

In an interview with El Heraldo de Mexico, CEO of Deutsche Post DHL Frank Appel explained that Mexico is very important for its business, representing 2 percent of worldwide sales.

“Although there will be difficult times in coming months, they will be overcome because Mexico’s trade with the world does not stop, which is why we are preparing with new investments,” he said.

The investments, which are planned for between 2020 and 2025, include $300 million USD in digitalization and the purchase of a modernized fleet, among other projects. He says their plans are focused on reducing the pollution generated by their operations.

By 2050 “we will be an emission-free firm. We have always been committed to sustainability and as a scientist, I think it should be on our agenda. Since 2008, we have been busy on this issue and today, we have achieved a pollutant reduction efficiency of 38 percent.”

He added “We have the highest delivery through vehicles with a fleet of 10,000 electric cars and we will take this technology worldwide to reduce pollutants,” says Appel.

The company’s CEO also mentioned that they plan to invest in the new Santa Lucia airport to provide a better service to DHL clients.

Appel says that the goal is to connect people and provide an improvement in their lives, facilitating trade, access to goods, generating jobs and contributing to business development, noting that for this reason, for the future, eCommerce, digitalization, globalization and sustainability are decisive.

He added that the great success of Mexico is that when nobody wants to invest, DHL are the first to announce an investment of $300 million dollars “Because we know that when this is accelerated again, we will be very well prepared for the next phase.”