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Dallas woman detained from private flight after customs finds pot and undeclared wads of cash

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur — A Dallas woman was arrested from her private flight after Mexican Customs found marijuana and unclaimed wads of cash. The incident happened at the Los Cabos International Airport in Baja California Sur after the items were found in her luggage.

Members of the National Guard (GN) detained the woman after she was found carrying apparent marijuana inside her luggage in addition to $49,000 USD without the proper declaration.

“Upon carrying out an inspection, Customs located in the suitcase, inside a shoe, a bag containing green, dry grass with the characteristics of marijuana. At the bottom of it, they also located wads of American currency bills,” the Guardia Nacional wrote in a statement.

“A total of $49,200 USD was recorded, which was not declared to the tax authority, therefore, by exceeding the amount authorized for the transfer of cash as established in Article 9 of the Customs Law, coupled with the possession of the apparent drug, the woman was detained,” they added.

The unidentified woman was taken into custody inside the airport after arriving on a private flight from Dallas, Texas.