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Crack in concrete floor of Cozumel home becomes inside sinkhole

Cozumel, Q.R. — Civil Protection has taken over a private home after the homeowner discovered a water-filled sinkhole under her kitchen floor. The unusual event occurred Thursday when municipal officials responded to her report of an enlarged crack in the floor.

Homeowner Enedina M told city officials that for the past two months, she watched a crack growing in her concrete floor. On January 25, she finally called the city and reported it. Neighbors also reported hearing creaking noises from under the house, especially at night.

On Thursday, Civil Protection arrived at the home in Colonia San Gervasio to investigate, finding a 180 centimeter-deep sinkhole filled with water under the center of her house. In order to investigate, the woman now has a 3 meter long by 2 meter deep hole in the middle of her home.

Inside the hole was clean water. The inside of the woman’s home has since been cordoned off with yellow danger tape since the hole presents a structural security issue.

Since the water in the hole is clean, municipal authorities have ruled out sewage drainage matters. Civil Protection is continuing to investigate the source of the water to confirm that it is indeed, from a cenote.

The woman was instructed to leave the home while authorities determine what actually caused the hole.