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Cozumel youth arrested for violent robbery after rooftop chase by police

Cozumel, Q.R. — A Cozumel youth accused of a violent robbery has been arrested. The youth was taken into police custody Tuesday after a foot chase across rooftops.

According to Policia Cozumel, his capture and subsequent arrest happened after a citizen report of a violent robbery in a business in the San Miguel II neighborhood. Patrolling officers responded to the 911 citizen report of a robbery with a machete.

The robbery happened inside a stationery store located on 50th Avenue with 31st Street in the San Miguel II neighborhood. A female employee inside confirmed the robbery, saying the man asked for the day’s cash and threatened her with a machete. He then tried to flee on a bicycle that belonged to a customer.

When the customer saw the youth leaving with his bike, he intervened and was able to push him off. The youth then began to run on foot through private homes. A door-to-door area canvass by police lead them to his location.

In their statement, Cozumel Police says that once the youth saw police, he began to run across home rooftops. Additional officers were requested for support, which eventually lead to the arrest of 22-year-old Jorge “H”.