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Cozumel working with Aeromexico to increase overnight tourism

Cozumel, Q.R. — The Government of Cozumel is working with Aeromexico executives to increase island flights. Over the weekend, the Department of Tourism and Economic Development of Cozumel met with Aeromexico.

The two participated in the meeting with businessmen and executives of Aeromexico including the Vice President of National Sales, José Zapata.

The Cozumel Director of Tourism and Economic Development, Badih Sleme Flores, said they are working hand-in-hand to establish important strategies to boost the arrival of overnight tourism on the island, taking advantage of diversifications such as sporting and cultural events.

Jorge Zapata said they will collaborate closely with the destination through new strategies to promote the island. “The flight is going very well, but like everyone else, we want it to go much better and based on the results obtained so far and without guaranteeing anything, it is foreseeable that there will be more than one daily flight.”

He said “initially it started with only three frequencies and now there are seven a week, which undoubtedly indicates that it is possible to increase the flights.”

This rapprochement was planned four months ago, which currently has a Monday to Friday flight with a 99-seat aircraft. Saturdays and Sundays the plan arrives with a 165-seat aircraft. To date, the plane arrives 80 percent filled with 95 percent of passengers being national.