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Cozumel teen dies after motorcycle collides with pickup

Cozumel, Q.R. — A teenager has died after being involved in a motorcycle accident in central San Miguel Cozumel.

The accident happened on Rafael E. Melgar Avenue as a pickup truck was exiting a parking lot at the same moment the motorcycle was passing. The driver of the motorcycle slammed into the driver’s side of the truck.

One of the youths on the motorcycle sustained severe head injuries and was rushed to hospital where he later died. The second youth on the bike was transferred to a different hospital.

The driver of the truck was arrested from the scene. The driver, a 52-year-old man, was leaving the grocery store parking lot when the accident happened.

According to a statement by Cozumel Police, “during surveillance tours, elements of the Public Security Directorate received a report of a traffic accident recorded on Rafael E. Melgar Avenue between Xel Ha and South 13th Street.

“At the scene, they observed a Nissan truck that was was found in the middle of the eastern stream of the Avenue in question which had damage to its left front side and windshield, as well as a red Italika 110cc motorcycle, which had damage to various parts.

“Officers met with a paramedic from the San Miguel clinic who informed them that on board their ambulance was a male named J.R.S.D., 19 years old, who was traveling on the motorcycle and that due to the severity of his injuries, he would be transferred to the hospital.

“Subsequently, another paramedic reported that a second person, male, was transferred to another hospital who was the companion on the motorcycle.

“As a result, the agents proceeded to interview the person driving the truck who identified himself as T.S.A.A., 52 years old and who had a woman as a companion.

The 52-year-old driver of the truck was exiting a parking lot at the same time the motorcycle passed.
Photo: Policia Cozumel September 17, 2023.

“Given the circumstances, the Municipal Police informed the driver of the truck that he was formally detained for committing an act that appeared to be a crime and that he would be placed at the disposal of the corresponding authority.”

The 19-year-old teen driver of the motorcycle, Jesús “N”, died in hospital from head trauma late Sunday night.