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Cozumel taxi drivers protest federally licensed operators

Cozumel, Q.R. — Dozens of  unionized Cozumel taxi drivers demonstrated Monday demanding a resolution to irregular federal operators. Their allegations regarding the irregular operators was aimed at the Quintana Roo Mobility Institute (Imoveqroo).

On Monday, drivers with the Adolfo López Mateos Taxi Drivers Union of Cozumel lined the streets of Cozumel with their vehicles as they demonstrated. Police and military personnel were on hand ensuring a peaceful demonstration.

Island drivers are asking Imoveqroo to end the conflict over the alleged irregular operation of federal licensed drivers on the island. Group spokesperson Javier Alamilla Polanco said they are protesting the federal drivers, taxis and other transport operators who have been granted federal license plates to operate on an island where there are no federal roads.

He says “given there are no federal highways on the island, it makes it totally illogical granting of those concessions.” He says they are also viewed as unfair competition for taxi drivers since they collect fares from hotels to the airport.

Alamilla Polanco said that leader Arturo Payán Tejero, who was accompanied by union legal advisors, met with Imoveqroo representatives Monday in hopes of solving the transportation problem in Cozumel, which he says, also includes the irregular operation of motorcycle taxis.

Alamilla Polanco stated that the Monday demonstration was to express full support for their leader as well as demand for a resolution to the problem that affects them.