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Cozumel Ecology rescue boa from back yard of home

Cozumel, Q.R. — A boa is the latest of Cozumel wildlife rescues on the island by authorities. On Tuesday, Germán Yáñez Mendoza, the Subdirector of Cozumel Ecology, said a meter-long boa was recently removed from the backyard of a home.

The family saw the snake wandering in their back yard and called the C5 Centre for help in removing it. When wildlife rescue arrived, they found the snake and measured it to be just over a meter in length.

The snake was removed from the yard of a centrally located home on 25th Street and will eventually be relocated to the mainland.

The boa measured just over a meter long. Photo: Ecología Cozumel August 14, 2023.

“The protection of the island’s wildlife is fundamental. The boa will be transferred to the mainland,” said Germán Yáñez Mendoza. He says that so far this year, more than 80 various wildlife have been rescued around the island.