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Cozumel could become home port for Royal Caribbean

Cozumel, Q.R. — The fourth cruise ship dock currently being constructed in Cozumel will be designated as a home port. Cozumel mayor Pedro Joaquin Delbouis also said that the new dock could be ready for use by May.

Joaquin Delbouis said that after more than a decade of controversies and abandoned projects, it could be a matter of months before Quintana Roo has a home port or starting point for cruise lines. He said that in previous years, the idea has generated rejection among the hotel sector who see it as competition.

He did rule out the possibility of Cancun functioning as a home port since they do not have the space required for a large pier, in addition to having rejections from the hotel industry.

Cozumel, on the other hand, has already been working with cruise ships for five decades, he says, adding that the island currently has a dock under construction that will become a home port, which is in the hands of the federal government.

He noted that the Royal Caribbean cruise company could move its base of operations to Cozumel since the United States government will not allow them to operate.

“A company has established a Plan B, that if in April there is no decision to sail, Cozumel would be its home port starting May,” he said. “We were consulted and we immediately said yes.”