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Cozumel businessman identifies aggressor after being threatened with extortion

Cozumel, Q.R. — During a weekend crime prevention tour, Cozumel police were hailed by a business owner who reported being threatened. Police were cruising on Calle 55 and Calle 8 in the 10 de Abril neighborhood when a man flagged them down.

He reported that moments before, a guy he knows by the nickname “El Burgos” entered his store and threatened him, saying he was a representative of a criminal gang and that he would have to pay him when he returned.

The alleged aggressor, El Burgos, then removed a knife from his waist before walking away. Cozumel police began a search for the aggressor, who was located “ just a few meters from the place.”

Police located a male on foot with the characteristics described by the complainant, for which reason he was told to stop several times, however, he ignored them. Police eventually got out of their unit and cut him off.

He identified himself to police as 39-year-old E.A.F.B. alias “Burgos”. He was returned to the scene and positively identified by the store owner. After his arrest, Cozumel Police reported that “this person has a long criminal record including physical injuries, robbery, home invasion and more than 12 administrative offenses.”