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Construction worker rescued from thick jungle after being impaled by tree branch

Costa Maya, Q.R. — Emergency responders plowed through thick jungle Wednesday in response to an injured construction worker. The group of responders were sent to an accident site at Kilometer 19 of the Costa Maya Federal Highway after a worker was impaled by a tree branch.

While clearing jungle area for a federal project, a tree fell where he was standing and a piece of branch pierced his neck.

Paramedics arrived at the site and were able to provide care to the injured worker while they waited for firemen. Personnel from the Othón P. Blanco Fire Department were requested for assistance due to the thick jungle location of the accident.

Firemen arrived and assisted in removing the man on a stretcher from the heavily wooded area to a waiting ambulance on the highway. The injured worker was transferred to hospital and is reported to be in stable condition.