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Construction of Cancun Gran Solaris continues

Cancun, Q.R. — The secretary of Urban Development says that the continued construction of the Gran Solaris Hotel in the Cancun Hotel Zone is legal and within their granted building permit.

Armando Lara De Nigris, secretario de Ecología y Desarrollo Urbano in Cancun, says that the resumed work by the hotel at Playa Delfines, in the Hotel Zone is in accordance with the law and a building license granted by the previous administration.

“There are still those who want to denounce the development of this work, but we have not been issued any information to say we need to stop the construction, so the work is being done,” he explained.

He says the developers have every right to build based on the construction license they have, while city council remains attentive for any other construction or development, so that if there is any complaint, it is addressed immediately.

The official explained that the developers have a construction license that, on instructions from the Cabildo to the then Director of Urban Development, which was granted by the previous administration.

He explained that the authorization was tried in a Chetumal court, but four or five weeks ago, a verdict was issued that left everything in the state it was in before the trial, with meant the license regained its validity.

We are paying attention, as in any development situation in the city. If there is a complaint and they send it to us, we will tend to it, he said.