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Congress approves proposal port for Bacalar Lagoon

Chetumal, Q,R. — To guarantee the safety of navigation in the Bacalar Lagoon as well as regulate passenger transport services and nautical tourism permits, state congress has approved a port for the lagoon.

The Congress of Quintana Roo has approved an agreement to exhort the Ministry of the Navy, so that through the Port Captaincies and Maritime Affairs Unit, an internal port captaincy with territorial jurisdiction can be established in the Lagunar System of Bacalar.

The agreement, promoted by deputy Ramón Javier Padilla Balam and deputy Adriana Chan Canul, was endorsed by the Plenary of the XV Legislature of the State presided by deputy Leslie Hendricks Rubio.

Padilla Balam explained that it is necessary for the authorities to conduct a study and assessment of the feasibility to establish in the municipality of Bacalar, an inland port captaincy that has territorial jurisdiction in the lagoon as well as reinforce the surveillance and supervision of nautical activities in the lagoon.

Having a port captaincy in Bacalar will ensure security, carry out rescue activities, administration and operation of maritime signaling, maritime traffic control, among others, he explained.

The legislator noted that in recent years, there has been a large increase in the use of boats in the Laguna de Bacalar with some offering irregular tourism services. He added that there are also boats longer than 26 feet in length which, due to their size, are not suitable for sailing in the lagoon without causing damage.

“There are also cases of unqualified people running boats who do not know the lagoon or navigate recklessly, which can result in accidents by navigating in dangerous areas or by not having the necessary expertise to be captain of a boat,” he added.