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Colombian man detained at Cancun International after failed escape allegedly facilitated by INM officials

Cancun, Q.R. — A man from Colombia was taken into custody at the Cancun International Airport after being found inside a secured office area. The incident was videoed when the man apparently attempted an escape that was facilitated by airport immigration officials.

An airport employee videoed the discovery and arrest of the Colombian national after he was found in the locked office. Cancun International Airport employee, Osvaldo Robles Farfán, whose position at the airport has not been identified, uploaded the video of the incident.

Upon releasing the video, he said “once again, I have been a victim of crime and poor security at the Cancun Airport. I want to make this video public since for the third time, they entered my office.

“The corruption on the part of Migration and the poor security of ASUR have made it so that not even the workers are safe at the airport,” he wrote.

The Colombian man was found in a secured area for tarmac airport staff at Terminal 2. In the 10-minute video, most of which details an office inspection for possible stolen property, the man is said to have admitted to having crawled through the ceiling.

Once down, he was unable to leave the office due to the secured doors on both sides. He apparently entered the ceiling from the bathroom in Area 1 of migration.

Upon his arrest, he said he had not stolen anything from the office, but only finished a bottle of soda he found in the fridge. He also admitted to trying to use the office computer, but could not since it was password protected.

Airport personnel videoed some of the damage created by the man who spent the night trying to free himself from inside the locked office by using makeshift tools. He was unsuccessful, being located by airport staff the next morning.

During his interrogation, the man allegedly told authorities that he had arrived with another person, and that after being detained by INM personnel, money was exchanged. They were then told by immigration agents how they could exit the airport undetected. The matter has been referred to the Federal Public Ministry for investigating.