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Tulum waters temporarily off limits after Civil Protection spots three waterspouts

Tulum, Q.R. — Tulum waters were temporarily off limits to boats Wednesday after the report of three waterspouts. The General Coordination of Civil Protection of Tulum photographed the spouts as they passed over the sea off the coast of Tulum.

The agency reported that on Wednesday morning, three “tromas marinas” were witnessed at Mezzanine, a beach area inside the Tulum National Park.

On social media, the agency said “today in the course of the morning the meteorological phenomenon known as Tromba Marina has been presenting itself, of which three have been witnessed (so far) on the “Mezzanine” beach. They are whirlwinds that occur over water derived from instability at higher levels of the troposphere.”

According to the NOAA, waterspout formation typically occurs when cold air moves across water and meets warm air. The large temperature differences cause the spout. They do not last long and rarely make it to shore, but when they do, their whirlwind effect can be compared to a mini-tornado.