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City to repair Playa del Carmen roads prior to Maya Train construction

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — More than 20 million peso will be invested into roadway repairs around the city. Over the weekend, the Solidaridad City Council and Secretary of Public Works announced a budget that will see the city’s main veins repaired.

Fabián Antonio Herrera Quiam, Director of Infrastructure and Public Works, said the budget will include massive patching throughout the city. Once started, he explained that work will be done in both lanes of the Arco Vial as well as sections from the Ministry of Public Security to Avenida 28 de Julio and then to Federal Highway.

“Next week, the resurfacing would start on Avenida 115,” and move toward the other areas including both lanes of the federal highway. “We are talking about a large body of resurfacing,” he stressed.

“They are very important avenues for the city, which today, are very neglected, so 115 will once again become an avenue for freeing all heavy traffic, which already passes through there, and of all the vehicular traffic that would normally circulate on the highway in that area, especially now that the Maya Train work has begun with more force.”

He noted that the repaving projects are being done with the Maya Train in mind, saying that Avenida 115 will be used to divert traffic in the north of Playa del Carmen once work for the train begins on the federal highway.