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City says it will not cover for anyone after arrest of Civil Protection employee

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — At a press conference, Playa del Carmen mayor Lili Campos announced that the city will not cover for anyone. Her words were aimed at a public servant who was arrested for usurpation of public function.

His arrest came after he faked a gas leak report and his title with Civil Protection to staff at a Riviera Maya hotel. Failing to provide official documents, the hotel called police claiming attempted extortion.

The man, identified as 46-year-old David N, was administrative staff and did not possess power to carry out inspections. For this reason, he was arrested for usurpation of public function and dismissed from his city job.

During the mayor’s press conference, Eduardo Arreguin, the director of Management Control of the comptroller’s office of Solidaridad City Council, clarified the city’s zero tolerance policy in matters of corruption.

“As part of the culture of denunciation and zero tolerance against corruption, a person assigned as an administrative assistant who ostensibly acted as a civil protection inspector, was arrested and placed at the disposal of the State Prosecutor’s Office, abusing his commission and extorting money from the employees of the establishment,” the city said during the conference.

The director of Solidaridad Civil Protection, César Orlando Flores Sanchez, said that with transparency, effectiveness and efficiency, bad practices are being fought.