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City of Cancun reports remodeling projects slightly ahead of schedule

Cancun, Q.R. — The City of Cancun says that after a month and a half of construction, they are ahead of schedule. Guido Mendiburu Solís, the General Director of the State Center of the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) made the report Tuesday.

He says the city has completed 1,320 square meters of road, which amounts to just over 10 percent of the entire project that involves the remodeling of Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard.

“We are working and to date, have already carried 1,320 to 10.5 meters in width and 560 to 7 meters, of which 380 correspond to the second section,” he reported.

He explained that the city had actually scheduled only 6 percent of the work to be done up to this point, but they have achieved more than 10 percent instead. He added that the additional achievement has been made since they started the project several weeks earlier than originally planned.

Rather than start in September, they began in the first days of August.

A majority of the laying of concrete is done at night since the current daytime temperatures have proven to be too hot. He explained that during the laying of concrete, the texturing machine shapes the rough surface parallel to the road to avoid car skidding. He says this texture must be maintained with constant maintenance to prevent the Boulevard from becoming a skating rink.

Guido Mendiburo also said that work progress on the Cancun airport junction is also slightly ahead of schedule. He says so far, they are at a 6.8 percent advancement over the 4.3 projected for this time in September.

He explained that work is currently being done on the casting of the supports on both the hotel zone side and the airport side which will raise the structure. He said it will not be until the beginning of 2023 that the shape of the bridge will be seen.