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City of Cancun approves land donation for National Guard

Cancún, Q.R. — Officials with the city of Cancun have approved a land change that will see it donated for use by the upcoming National Guard.

The City Council of Benito Juárez approved a change of land use from public to private so it can be donated to the National Guard. The property, which is 10,400 square meters, is located in Region 251.

The approved city council vote read, “The change of legal status was submitted to members for consideration for the change from public to private domain and, where appropriate, the donation of the property located in SM 251, Block 22, Lot 01 with an area of 10,423.62 square meters was voted in favor of the National Guard.”

The vote came after the military asked municipal authorities for a site where they could construct 81 facilities for the National Guard, as well as basic public services that could be provided to house 110 elements. The request was made in March of this year.