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City intervenes after ongoing threats to bus drivers by Cancun taxis

Cancun, Q. R. — The City of Cancun has intervened in what they are calling a dispute between public bus drivers and taxis. On Friday, Cancun mayor Ana Patricia Peralta reported a meeting between city officials at the C5 Command Centre, saying it is their co-responsibility to do so.

“Above private interests is the superior well-being of the people of Cancun,” she stated as she led the work meeting with representatives of the Quintana Roo State Mobility Institute (IMOVEQROO), National Guard, the municipal and state secretariats of Public Security and the General Secretary of Cancun, Jorge Carlos Aguilar Osorio.

The group met to address complaints from city bus drivers who are at odds with the local taxi drivers’ union. The dispute stems from a time schedule that allows city bus drivers to work until midnight, something the Cancun taxi driver’s union opposes.

Due to verbal threats and out of fear, Cancun bus drivers have stopped providing a nighttime bus service past 10:30 p.m. for the second time this week. The lack of city bus service leaves both residents and tourists with a less expensive public transportation option.

In her statement, Peralta said that the established regulations must be respected at all times as well as consequences for the legal complaints filed by city bus operators regarding threats against them by the Cancun taxi drivers.

She again said that granted concessions to taxi drivers could be withdrawn for those involved in making the threats. Peralta said they will “exercise a strong hand” and continue to work on coordinated actions and defining solutions since those making the threats are being identified by the C5 and will have to face legal complaints before the State Attorney General’s Office.