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City council postpones Fifth Avenue remodel until after spring break

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The remodeling of Playa del Carmen’s popular Fifth Avenue has been postponed until the end of April.

Despite the announcement that the remodeling of la Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue) would take place in March, local businessmen and merchants have requested the city postpone the remodeling until after spring break and Semana Santa or Holy Week.

According to the Department of Infrastructure and Urban Development, 348 million peso will be invested for public work projects throughout the municipality, of which 232 million peso are being granted by the federation through Fortamun and another 116 million by the municipality.

As explained by Jesús Antonio Terrazas Lara, titular de la Dirección, the remodeling of Fifth Avenue will include the area from Fundadores Park to Constituent Avenue with another section of the downtown core currently under analysis that could see renovations up to 34th Avenue.

In addition to street remodeling, the city intends to revamp at least eight public beach access points throughout the central region of Playa del Carmen.

“One of the main work projects is the rehabilitation of Fifth Avenue from Fundadores Park to Constituyentes Avenue and its possible extension to 34 Avenue.

“This also include access to the beach and we are considering drainage projects in colonies that lack them,” he explained.

The city is also waiting on approval for the reactivation of previous projects that include traffic lights, paving and the construction of the Geavi building.