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Citizen robbery ends in arrest of three

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Three have been taken into police custody after being accused of assaulting a passerby in central Playa del Carmen.

The trio were reported to Playa del Carmen Tourist Police after a 35-year-old man from Mexico City said he had been robbed by them on Avenida 10 and 38 Street. He explained that after parking and getting out of his car, one of the three approached him with a gun pointed at his chest demanding everything he had.

The man, identified as Luis Manuel M.B., said he handed over his wallet with 4,500 peso in cash along with his identification, credit and debit cards and Samsung cell phone.

Municipal Police were alerted to the citizen robbery as well as a description of the men and their un-plated vehicle. Police quickly located the car on Lilis and Constituyentes. However, when asked to pull over, the car sped away leading to a police chase.

The vehicle was followed to the residential area of In-House in the city’s far west side where other police units met to arrest those inside the car. An inspection of the vehicle led police to find the stolen wallet and cell phone as well as a plastic gun, knives, screwdrivers and three other cell phones.

Those arrested have been identified as 27-year-old José Eduardo C.J. from Yucatan, 22-year-old José Elías S.M. from Quintana Roo and 25-year-old Pedro C.V. from Tabasco.