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Chiquilá boardwalk at Holbox crossing abandoned say locals

Chiquilá, Q.R. — Locals in the town of Chiquilá say authorities have abandoned the seawall at the puerto de Chiquilá, something that creates a negative image for tourists heading to Holbox.

Rodolfo Cupul Noh, president of a cooperativa pesquera Delfines, says that the area has been damaged for years.

“They give priority to the other side because it is tourists, while where we are is considered as fishing and is in poor condition. We have asked to have the surroundings of the seawall paved, but they did not take us into account,” he explained.

According to a report by Infoqroo, the second part of the malecón del puerto de Chiquilá remains in poor condition. Due to its lack of maintenance, the boardwalk needs repair while the area is accumulating garbage and other debris, creating a poor image to some crossing over to Holbox.

Cupul Noh added that this situation is in an area where a majority of tourist do not see it, which has caused it not to be given priority.