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Chilean man extradited to carry out 60 year prison sentence in Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — A Chilean man wanted for a kidnapping in Mexico has been temporarily returned to the country. On Thursday, Raúl “E” was extradited from his native Chile to Mexico to continue his 60-year prison sentence.

In a statement, the State Attorney of the Republic (FGR) reported that “in compliance with the Extradition Treaty signed between Mexico and the Republic of Chile, a person who was temporarily extradited in September 2021 was returned to the Mexican Government.”

According to the FGR, Raúl “E” was being tried by the Court of Appeals of Santiago for a terrorist attack that resulted in the death of a Chilean senator.

During the month of October, Chilean authorities sentenced Raúl “E” to 18 years in prison for the crime, however, they authorized his return to Mexican authorities with the purpose of continuing to serve a sentence of 60 years in prison for the crime of kidnapping, the Agency reported in their statement.

The return to Mexico was carried out at the Guanajuato International Airport, by the Chilean agents designated for his transfer, in order to be placed at the disposal of the Mexican judicial authority.

In a different statement, the FGE of Mexico reported “in compliance with the Mexico – Chile Extradition Treaty, a person was temporarily returned to our country with the purpose of continuing to serve his 60-year prison sentence for the crime of kidnapping. He was sentenced in 2021 by the Court of Appeals of Santiago de Chile for the crime of terrorist attack.”