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Chiapas pair taken into custody for attempted murder of PDC man

Playa del Carmen, Q. R. — Two Chiapas men have been arrested for attempted murder in Villas del Sol. The men were arrested late Friday when Solidaridad police responded to the residential report of a person injured by firearm.

When they arrived at Villas del Sol, they located one man who had been shot several times. He was transferred to hospital and is reported to be stable.

According to SSP Solidaridad, Municipal Police began a search operation and were able to locate and arrest the two men alleged responsible for the shooting. They were found aboard a mototaxi in the same residential area.

“José “N”, 28 and Roberto “N”, 30, both from Chiapas, were seized on board a motorcycle taxi with the economic number 118, and after informing them of the reason for their arrest, they were seized and placed under arrest,” the SSP said in their report.