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CFE generators temporary solution to Isla Mujeres blackouts

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — In a bid to deal with electric failures on Isla Mujeres, the Federal Electricity Commission has agreed to install a new power generator.

In coordination with the Vip Saesa Group, CFE has agreed to install two new power generators for islanders to help with the reoccurring blackouts. The company says that with the new power plants, they are hoping to avoid cuts to the island’s electric power.

The two large generator plants, which are only temporary, will be placed at one end of the Isla Mujeres airport runway.

La Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) says that the two generators are a temporary emergency plan that will be put into operation only until they are able to provide the island with a definitive solution to the problem of continual blackouts.