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Cargo truck transporting 1.5 tons of produce overturns outside Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — A cargo truck transporting 1.5 tons of produce overturned after losing a tire. The accident happened on the Reforma Agraria – Puerto Juárez highway outside the city of Cancun.

Police were in the air at the time of the report of the accident and captured photos of the overturned vehicle. State police were sent to the scene of the highway accident where they found the the cargo truck laying on its side on a highway shoulder.

According to the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC) of Quintana Roo, the driver suffered a burst tire while transporting his 1.5 ton load of produce. Potatoes and lemons scattered the highway scene around his small unit.

In a statement, the SSC reported “the State Highway Police provided assistance this afternoon to a user who suffered a rollover. The images captured are from the overflight of the Secretariat’s helicopter when a surveillance operation was carried out over the city.

The truck overturned after a tire burst. Photo: SSC November 27, 2023.

“The events occurred on the Reforma Agraria – Puerto Juárez highway. According to the victim’s story, he said that he lost control due to a burst tire. The State Highway Police immediately intervened to help the citizen as well as flag the area to prevent traffic from being affected.”