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Cancun to receive largest investment and have largest Maya Train station

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun mayor Mara Lezama says that Cancun will be the heart of the Maya Train since it will receive the largest investment to have the largest station. The Maya Train station in Cancun will facilitate the flow of thousands of workers who travel to Riviera Maya each day, as well as millions of tourists who arrive at the International Airport.

She says the train will transform and develop the country. “This is a project for all of us, which will be the trigger for the southeastern region of the country and allow us to consolidate the transformation that is taking place throughout Mexico,” she said.

Lezama stressed that project will be the catalyst for mobility and the increase in the flow of national and international tourists to Cancun as well as for all the states through which the train will run.

Raúl Bermúdez Arreola of the Centro Integralmente Planado Cancun confirmed that Cancun will recieve the largest investment and have the largest station.

“The Maya Train project is not just a mobility project, it is a land use planning project,” he said noting that agencies continue with workshops to create a multi-modal system to find the most efficient way to connect the different points of Cancun with the Maya Train.

He says that Cancun is being used as a pilot that will be replicated in other cities where it will pass.

Earlier this month, the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) submitted a request for 212 million in resources for the construction of an intermodal transfer centre or Cetram in Cancun. The Cetram, when complete, would interconnect the Cancun International Airport with the Maya Train and local transportation system.